Indian Sports-From Winning fields to Nation’s Success – Raja Lalwani, SE @ Kahuna Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

25th june, the day of indian cricket…..
Today India is a cricket powerhouse….. But story was very different 30 years ago when Kapil Dev led Indian team were the underdogs facing the already two time champions then “the invicible” West Indies, in the final of world cup (prudential world cup then)….
The odds were against them but they had enormous belief in their abilities (something that many Indian sportspersons still lack and hence India are big underachievers)… A belief that changed the destiny of the sport in the nation….
Today cricket is a religion in India, also India rules the cricket world (both on and off the field)…. Although every cricketer that played for India has some significant contribution to this sucesss, but still It’ s Kapil Dev’ s tigers who taught us the biggest lesson of “winning” that helped not only Indian Cricket but India as Nation in general…….

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