Engaging Employee’s @ Workplace : Myths & Truths

Employee engagement is a symbiotic process – or simply you can say, it’s a two-way process. It is a commitment and involvement from both the employee and the employer. It feeds the growth of each and is a catalyst for an employee to reach the tip of Maslow’s pyramid – self realization. The 6 Cs of employee engagement are, both the employee and the employer need to – Commit, Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Create and Celebrate. Growth is not what the organization gives you; it is what you strive for and consequently what you earn. An engaged employee commits himself to the overall organizational vision, vis-a-vis his personal goals. It is the collaboration of his talents, his desires and the organization’s objectives. It is creating an eco-system where the employee strives to be the change the organization wants. It is building a connect of trust and pride.(with sources)

Soni Singh, HR @ Kahuna Systems

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