Google working on its own remote Chrome desktop app for Android devices


A number of apps that allow remote access to a computer already exist and it appears that Google(s goog) is going to add another. The Chromium team started a project for “the beginnings of a Chromoting Android app,” indicating the Android software will provide remote desktop access to a computer that has Google’s Chrome browser installed. Currently, Google offers a Chrome Remote Desktop extension that gives access to a PC(s msft), Mac(s mac) or Linux machine through the Chrome browser.

The project, spotted by Google evangelist Francois Beaufort on Friday, is still young yet, so don’t rush over to the Google Play store; there’s nothing to download to your Android now. This is a brief list describing the initial project status for what the software can do:

  • Authenticate using a Google account on the phone
  • Query and display the host list from the Chromoting directory server
  • Connect to and…

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