Google working on its own remote Chrome desktop app for Android devices


A number of apps that allow remote access to a computer already exist and it appears that Google(s goog) is going to add another. The Chromium team started a project for “the beginnings of a Chromoting Android app,” indicating the Android software will provide remote desktop access to a computer that has Google’s Chrome browser installed. Currently, Google offers a Chrome Remote Desktop extension that gives access to a PC(s msft), Mac(s mac) or Linux machine through the Chrome browser.

The project, spotted by Google evangelist Francois Beaufort on Friday, is still young yet, so don’t rush over to the Google Play store; there’s nothing to download to your Android now. This is a brief list describing the initial project status for what the software can do:

  • Authenticate using a Google account on the phone
  • Query and display the host list from the Chromoting directory server
  • Connect to and…

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I am a Superhero

            Fighting the evil, bashing a huge gang of villains alone, flying high like planes or jumping from one place to another like spider etc etc. Awhh! It is really cool to be a superhero. They do all these terrific, adventurous and dangerous stuff that too with ease, style and panache. Yes, on occasions even they do get hurt while doing all this but then they are superheroes.

They fall to rise, they get injured to recover, they fight back, they win, they save the planet and the world loves them.

            Their craze is everywhere, girls have crush on them, they are favorites of children toys and every guy wishes to be like them. Fans want to fly high like superman, they want to jump sky high building like Spiderman, there is desire in many to be as strong as hulk while Iron Man suit is something many want in their wardrobe(Like everything else in life, even in case of superheroes there are some exception and that is our very own “Ra.One”.

Till date I have never met anyone who wants to be “Ra.One” but even then if you by some great luck come across someone who adores “Ra.One”, Please do not inform me because I am simply not interested. Just need my money back for the movie). But for me and many other Batman has been the favourite and the most popular of the lot and there is as reason for this.

 Unlike most of superheroes, Batman does not have any super powers and also he is not celebrated as hero among the people who he fights for. He is a normal human with a desire to protect his city (Gotham) for which he is ready to sacrifice everything without even caring whether the people praise him as hero or hate him as a criminal.

            Batman perhaps makes us realize that to be a superhero we do not need superpowers, so everyone of us can be a superhero. His story inspires us to do things, not to get benefited from or praised for, but for the happiness of the world and people around you.

 Some may argue that Bruce Wayne (Batman) is a super rich person and he does all these things by making a good use of his fortunes, getting all new technology to help his cause.

Yes, it is impossible for us to have all those resources (some of them exist only in movies or comics) but then our battle is also different to his. We do not need to fight a notoriously evil joker to save our city to register ourselves as a superhero instead for us the task in hand is to eradicate the self created social evils of illiteracy, poverty, inequality, women insecurity etc.

And these problems can be easily solved if all of us put in use our ‘superpower‘ that is our ‘will and desire‘ to overcome the situation. Just paying tax (come on, we even do not do that by our own wish) is not the only thing that comes as our responsibility towards society.

We have certain other important duties to be performed, may be not legally, but morally. It is our responsibility to build a society where every child gets educated, every girl can move freely without fear, no person ever suffers starvation and everyone gets their respect they deserve.

 We all can do our bit to achieve these goals (which actually are our fundamental rights). I do not know what we can do but, as Obama says, “Yes we can” do something. Yes we all can use our superpowers; we all can be superheroes of our own little world.


Raja Lalwani,

Software Engineer,
Kahuna Systems.

Engaging Employee’s @ Workplace : Myths & Truths

Employee engagement is a symbiotic process – or simply you can say, it’s a two-way process. It is a commitment and involvement from both the employee and the employer. It feeds the growth of each and is a catalyst for an employee to reach the tip of Maslow’s pyramid – self realization. The 6 Cs of employee engagement are, both the employee and the employer need to – Commit, Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Create and Celebrate. Growth is not what the organization gives you; it is what you strive for and consequently what you earn. An engaged employee commits himself to the overall organizational vision, vis-a-vis his personal goals. It is the collaboration of his talents, his desires and the organization’s objectives. It is creating an eco-system where the employee strives to be the change the organization wants. It is building a connect of trust and pride.(with sources)

Soni Singh, HR @ Kahuna Systems

Let’s find solutions !!

You might think that women’s equality benefits mostly women, but every one-percentile growth in female secondary schooling  results in a 0.3 percent growth in the economy. Yet girls are often kept from receiving education in the poorest countries  that would best benefit from the  economic growth.
Until  men and women work together to secure the rights and full potential  of women, lasting solutions to the world’s most serious social, economic and political problems are unlikely to be found.(Courtesy-UN Reports)

Enough talks on depleting resources, unsafe surroundings, rising expenses,bad management, I believe, why not get to the root of problems and find the solutions together, for they would guide on the path of progress,not the pessimistic minds.


Soni, (Kahunaite)


Let’s find solutions !!You might think that women’s